About Brookfield, Wisconsin

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Brookfield is a city in Waukesha County in Wisconsin (WI). Brookfield boasts of a population of 38, 000. 53.5% of this population are females, and 46.5% are males. The median income of a household in Brookfield Wisconsin is $92, 518 and the median age for the residents is 47. A home costs $283, 000 on average in the area. 77.1% of the residents of Brookfield WI are above the age of 18.

The history of Brookfield goes back to the history of Wisconsin. The original inhabitants of the area were the Potowatomi tribes. The French then came and ruled over the people. The Indians and the French went to war. In 1763, the English got control of the area. England released its hold on the area following the American Revolution. It was then recognized as part of the Northwest area.

The years that followed saw new states join the Union. The Southeastern part of Wisconsin was identified as belonging to many territories. Brookfield was acknowledged to be in Milwaukee County and Wisconsin territory in 1836. In 1820, William Howe came to Brookfield area. He was the first white settler in the area. William had a Presidential Land Grant which permitted him to own the place.

In 1836, Robert Curran, another settler who arrived in the region set up a tavern and inn after buying a claim. Although the area was initially sparsely populated, other people began moving into the region. A schoolhouse was established in 1839 and by 1840, there were 148 people in the region. The authorities divided Milwaukee County in 1846 to form 10 counties.

One of the counties was Waukesha, and it consisted of Brookfield and 15 other townships. The present-day Canadian Pacific Rail was known as Mississippi Railroad, and a railroad was constructed between it and Milwaukee road. That was in 1850, and the railroad went through the town.

In 1853, a depot was established, and that is where the Brookfield Junction came about. Brookfield town continued to expand, and the number of residents reached 1,944 in 1850. The town sat on 36 square miles piece of land. The years that followed saw a gradual growth. The residents of the area practiced agriculture. The farms in the region sold their produce at Brookfield Junction.

In 1867, another railroad depot was built, and it is still present in the area. People were drawn to Brookfield town because of its quiet rural environment. The residents continued to practice agriculture primarily. One of those people was Al Capone, and he set up a residential building and a distillery. People started setting up suburban developments in the area.

An example is Kinsey’s Garvendale which was established in 1928. It was a residential division meant to serve the people who lived in West Allis because that area had industries. The people who worked in those industries needed accommodation. When the Great Depression took place, many people stopped looking for new houses and so the real estate sector developed slowly. The area began to grow again after the end of the World War II.

The government also set up programs that promoted the building of houses and Brookfield continued having plenty of suburban development. The neighboring areas started annexing the town, and this motivated the people of Brookfield to push for incorporation of the town.

On August 14, 1954, Brookfield City was incorporated. The area covered by the city was 17.5 square miles. The occupants of the city were approximately 7, 900. The founders of Brookfield City wanted a place that focused on industries and commerce. The current size of Brookfield City is about 27 square miles.

There are so many exciting things to do in Brookfield WI that you may not which ones to try out. Anyone who has ever shopped at Wisconsin County will tell that Brookfield has the best shopping places. You can get National anchor stores and local boutiques. The Corners which was established in 2017 is a place for lifestyle shopping. You can also shop at Galleria West, and Ruby Isle.

If you like wining and dining, then you will have the chance to do so at Brookfield. The city has 5-star dining places and a variety of foods from steaks to sushi, Italian and Chinese cuisines. Whether you are going on a date or taking your family out, you will find something suitable for you.

If you love sports, then you can go to Brewer’s Miller Park for some games. Many teams consider this place their home and examples include the Racing Sausages and Milwaukee’s MLB Baseball team. A sports survey conducted in 2005 ranked Miller Park the best regarding value per dollar used on it. If you are in Brookfield, you only need to drive a few minutes to the park.

The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts is an excellent place to enjoy art. The center has a ballet area, symphony place, and the opera. A trip to the Milwaukee County Museum or the County Zoo can be exciting too because you will encounter different animals.

The people of Brookfield Wisconsin use different means to go to work and to get around. 88.2% of them use Drove Alone, 5.3% work at home, 4.7% carpool, 0.5% walk and 0.6 use public transportation. Brookfield WI has an unemployment rate of 4.3%. The job growth rate is 0.73%. The city is expected to have job growth of 37.17% ten years to come.

Brookfield Wisconsin is a fantastic place to live. It has the amenities you need, housing, entertainment and the economy can also support the people. The people and authorities at Brookfield WI strive to ensure that the residents get a high-quality life. You’ll surely love the place.